Younger Brother Mentoring


                   Younger Brother Mentoring 


         As the oldest and world wise brother

                  I knew I was needed as a mentor

                  for number 4 and last boy.

         When he fell and broke the glass

                  in the bookcase, I mentioned

                  that such was not to be done.

         He was a fast learner

                   and never fell again

                  into the bookcase.

         I taught him to play marbles

                  but he was not too good

                  because he shot with tongue out.

         I tried him with football

                  but his eyes were so bad

                  he caught the ball with his glasses.

         Basketball was no- go either

                  as he shot underhanded

                  like a girl.

         Smart though and

                   I taught him

                  chess and cribbage.

         He got so good that he beat

                    Pappy regularly, and I joined

                  the Marines to escape anger.

         When I was through with the

                   Marines and college,

                  things had cooled off enough to return home.

         And what I found was a champion

                  chess and cribbage player

                  who was almost illiterate.    

         Got a job as an English teacher and number four

                   was taught to write and became a successful writer

                  at well paying writing jobs.

         He was not well read

                  so I taught him Utopian literature and

                  he is a long-standing humanitarian.

         I had done the best I could

                  to educate the youngest

                  of four, so I went on my way.

         These days his mentor is his son-in-law

                  and I heard that one say:

                  “have a Mc Guinness”, Mr. Minnis.”

         With a world of great and noble wine

                  I have a baby brother

                  drinkng that swill -called beer.

         What a terrible error

                  to believe that a wine pallet

                  was in any good gene pool.

         Remedial education has been suggested

                  three years of weekly wine tasting,

                  but the mentor is skeptical.

         Once contaminated by the vile swill

                  it is hard to save a

                  Mc Guinness fan.


Doug Minnis

March26, 2011







What fun, I wrote this just for fun and the writing was just that. Now that I re read it is more fun than it is good poetry