The Wide River


                             The Wide River


                           No Bridge for

                                    the wide, wide

                                    River Time.


                           It is of no use standing

                                    on the banks looking

                                    through river haze.


                           No shout, no waving of the hands,

                                    no wishing upon a star

                                    will  build a bridge.


                           So you are on your shore

                                    I am on mine

                                    and I know you are there.


                           And when the permanent fog

                                    clouding children's memory

                                    is sunned out I will be gone.


                           I will have stepped into the shadows

                                    and only my footprints

                                    will be proof I was there on the shore


                           The waves lapping

                                    from the river soon erase even

                                     the deepest marks in the sand .


                            So if in your search

                                    the tracks are gone

                                       I leave you two this poem


                           For Alexandra  and Dean

                                    June 10,2012





This was written for Alex and Dean Momsen, my great grandchildren and was part of a letter