When The Mute Button won't work


 When the Mute Button Won't Work?


Score tied, two minutes to go.

Great picture on the muted TV        

         as I listen to my jazz

       on the speakers

Tied again and just seconds left.

The fans look to be screaming.

First overtime.

Crowd going crazy

           enthusiasm without sound.

Second overtime.

Sweat-worry covers the players.

Tensions are clearly high.

Third overtime.

Shot at the buzzer.

Atlanta wins.

Crowds burst on the floor

         to celebrate.

Off goes the muted TV.

I head for bed unaffected 

        by all the emotion in Atlanta,

        for I could not share the tensions

        without the Atlanta sound.

Off to an easy sleep without a thought

         of game excitement and emotion.

I wake with no memory

         or thought of the game. 

Haiti is devastated.

Shaken like a rat caught by

         my big old calico cat.

Debris all over

         buildings in ruin

         injured and dead

         all over the street.

The moans of the injured,

         the screams of relatives of the dead

         and constant gloom of

         talking heads descriptions

          of the tragedy is

         just too much for anyone.

Hit the mute button

Turn up the jazz

         and quit looking.

But the moans and screams

          and vivid pictures

         are not turned off,

         they follow wherever I go.

There is a tragedy communication channel

         not controlled by

         media moguls.

This is the anguished human channel

         broadcast across time and place

         by a horror too great

         for the mute button to silence.

Haiti I hear you!

And I can't turn you off.

Doug Minnis  January 18, 2010



The Haiti Earthquake hit me hard. such a contrast with the game I had been half watching where the score, winner or loser are of little interest five minutes after the game.It still sticks in my mind.