Walter Mitty's Younger Brother



Walter Mitty’s Younger Brother


In 1939 an 11 year old Tarzan

         swung through the old Box Elder tree

         with the narrator announcing every move.


“Tarzan grabs the python by the neck

         and flings it to the ground

         where his pet lion killed it.”


Tarzan then caries the beautiful Shirley

         to the ground and is rewarded

         with a small kiss on the cheek.


Good hands started as strong end

         as a freshman and the announcer

         noted another one hand reception in the end zone.


Ace Rickenbacker saw, the war needed him

         so he graduated early to

         fly P51s over Germany.


The day he received the Medal of Honor

         he met Mary Lou the daughter

         of JP Morgan and was on his way.


After his year at Oxford on His Rhodes

         he and Mary Lou moved to Silicon Valley

          where he was hailed for his ingenious inventions.




The New Edison invented a water-powered fuel cell

         easy to install in any old car to supply free fuel

         and cornered the world market.


The first trillionaire brought prosperity

         to the far reaches and gave power

         to all who needed it.


The interview for the presidency of

         Harvard went well with the willingness of

         so rich and powerful man to be interested.


 Working with MIT and CAL TECH

         Clean Broom was able to sweep

         Tyrants’ world wide to his Elba like island


There the worst people in the world

         had to live together

         as a preview to hell.


The ceremony for the retiring

         world’s greatest citizen

         was a one-week affair.


Retirement to his Mexican compound

         was peaceful and full of memories but the song

         ” When You Get to Old To Dream” was forbidden.


Once again Tarzan swung through

         the branches of the box elder tree

         with the announcer back to help with reruns.


Doug Minnis 2/2014           


My long time recognition that my day dreaming was much like Lames Thurber's Walter Mitty made it necessary to put this confession on paper. It has thousands more chapters and characters. Playing the hero game has only one ground rule. No help from outer space. That is too easy