A View of Nothinness













                                    A View of Nothingness


Nothingness casts no shadow

         nor leaves a footprint in the sand

         and yet is surely there.


It need not mark its territory

         with bright graffiti

         it has no physical limit.


I came into this world with        

         an undated ticket to nothingness

         pinned to my diaper.


I am to go through the void

         to nowhere where nothingness

         just might be.


At the silent night I often search for

         some clue to this super state

         of non-being.


I try to imagine what it would be like

         to not have the sunrise rays

         come into my bedroom window.



To  hear no jazz

         nor to .again taste

         the red wines in its kiss of the cheese.


To lose voice to greet

         or hand to wave

         good morning to friends.


And what without friends and flowers

         and chores to do

         with rewarding sweat.


Nothingness a world without me

         neither noticed nor

         long missed.


All this I cannot have

         it is too much for me

         to cope and miss my sleep.


So I have come to believe that

         when the dark man with the scythe

         comes he will be the docent

         to take me to the Big Rock Candy Mountain


My Big Rock Candy Mountain

         where the bluebird sings

         to the lemonade spring and nothingness disappears.

Doug Minnis 9/12/14                 








As I aged I thought more and more about the time after my death. Loys of blank spaces.