Trinidad Roundup Time


 Trinidad Roundup Time 

Proud, prancing palomino

         sidesteps with trained tail high

         and neck arched like a Roman statue.

Polished saddle of silver and finely tooled leather

         are without sign of range work wear.

A curb bit is attached to a brightly colored

         headstall of woven horse hair and leather.

Lizard skin boots, polished to lacquer,

         are thrust into stirrups.

Sharply creased gaberdine pants fill the saddle.

Gene Autry fancy dress coat covers a colorful shirt

         with its turquoise and silver bolo tie.

All this finery is topped by a new white Stetson.

Once a country boy, now a city man, but today a cowboy.

For man and horse it is Roundup time in Trinidad. 

Flags and marching bands are surrounded by

         sleekly groomed horses and riders.

4-H club members on floats in their

         country green and white uniforms

         display their year's work.

Big nosed clowns, who in the afternoon will

         hide from death in a wooden barrel,

         laughingly harvest road apple reminders

         of the passing Roundup parade.

The beautiful classic Packard convertible displays

         the beauty of queens

         and smiles of political leaders.

Streets are lined with peddlers selling

         cowboy vests and hats for the under 6 crowd.

Pickups covered with dust

         and time dented horse trailers

         are reminders that the county folks are in town.

The September sun and wind provide enough

         heat and dust to authenticate the event. 

After the parade ends its time for viewers

         to be on stage and visit county friends.

Give a promise to take in the exhibits and see

         Esther, the prize ram, and Billy's pet beef

         auctioned off in a tribal rite of male passage.

Try a picnic in Kit Carson Park or go on out to the

         Rodeo and eat the Roundup Committee's

         beef, beer and beans.

Smell the horses and hear the sheep protest.

Follow that 12 year old girl in green and white

         and admire her big fat pig.

Sit in the stadium and listen to hear when

         the ghost of Jesse Like will come out of chute three.

Watch the horse race and remember to friends

         that long dead Yellow Gold could have beaten them all.

Push back your day old stetson, talk country and

         for just a few days be alive in 1880.

Doug Minnis July 2007


This was written for the 50th Reunion of the class of '46 I do believe and rewritten in 2007. It smells and sounds right. But you had to be there to get it full blast.