Times of Our Lives






No new emails,

paper read 

and TV news on second round.


Consistent stupidly

nourishment for cynicism

and so predictably mediocre


Telephone rings up hope

alas PG&E robocall

again and again


Mail late again today

maybe I should go down the driveway

to see if the truck is down the block.


George will be over soon

we can drink Bloody Mary’s 

and imagine what we will fix when we run this world.


No matter about mail as I all I will get

is an invitation for a vacation cruse

and a request for money from a worthy charity. 


Yesterday the take was 

from a crematorium 

a targeted probe.


Maybe I will just skip lunch today

and have a bigger meal later

because it is naptime.


Hope the neighbor comes over to check

and have a glass of wine

as I brief her on my take of the news.


Two yogurts, a glass of juice,

and a power bar

and off to bed.


The Golden Years

are such riotous times

full of adventure


Doug Minnis 

Jan 2015



When the fog comes in and the days are long I feel like this. But when I write it the sun comes out