Thank you Penlope


 Thank you Penelope


Death is sure the lazy one

         insisting on leaving

         so much undone. 

Leaving the house in order

         is the civilized thing to do

         no task for busy children. 

All those files of lesson plans

         for students forgotten

         for classes long since over. 

And what use is a curriculum vita

         for one retired so log ago

         and not looking to move? 

Fifteen hundred jazz cds

         long since copied into the         

         computer  of use to someone,

         but whom? 

My father’s watch at the end of a         

         shoelace so admired for so many years

         now unused in a drawer. 

The book downsizing goes slowly

         since each book is an old friend

         deserving a respectful goodbye. 

Each closet culled of “not worn in a year’”,         

         tee shirts  kept for         

         messages nor to be understood         

         by young buyers at the Thrift. 

Been going to clean out the spice shelves

         for many years to get rid of

         spices traded in the Middle East from a camel. 

Fixed the roof, driveway and pool,

         garden is in as good shape

         as a "no bend gardener" can do. 

So I have taken your advice

         to get my house in order,

         but my  life time  of mess is

         going to take more time. 

I know you are in a hurry

         but I have much to do

         and need to get back to work. 

So if you are in such a hurry

         and you won’t help, go ahead

         I will catch up when I am done. 

And when I do catch up with sweat

          from my labors, your cool hand         

         on my brow will be welcome


November 24, 2012   Doug Minnis

This was when I was defining the house to get in order as the physical and house and furnishings. Now I am adding getting my poetry and letters organized in y computer. come right along, but that is necessary,