The stilled Night


The Stilled Nest


Then the silence replaces the

          sounds of my children

Where chatter, laughter and gossip

         played off familiar walls,

         the paint rests

 Before came sleepless nights,

          anticipation, planning and panic

Days marked off on the calendar passed like

 growth of a fingernail

Then the charge

         airport,  cars in the driveway

         baggage and quick gossip,

         a beer grabbed and more family news

Long planned meals start at once.

Raves about the ordinary fare

         familiar becomes great

Crescendo the halls ring

         old friends, telephone calls

         Look who is here, you remember

         Dave from my forth grade class?

What are you going to wear tonight?

Did you have a good time? Who did you see?

High tide of the visit

And then

Be sure to pack the left over beer.

What time does your plane leave?

Drive carefully with the holiday traffic. 

They leave like the tide.

         behind are the shells

         and seaweed left.

Beer cans, coke bottles ,

          a forgotten camera and hair clip,        

         the telephone book open on the kitchen counter.

The beds newly made,

         the garbage and recycle hauled

Trash cans mostly nearly empty overflowing.

The retreating tide has left it high water mark. 

Silence a crescendo

         from memory less walls


Doug Minnis

January 12,2009




The tempo of living alone is changed when the kids come home for the 4th and other celebration. I confess to turning my jazz volume up a notch or two