The Soul Of a Geranium


 The Soul of a Geranium


If there was shade from this 102 temperature

       would you have brains to seek it      

       or just wilt in this direct sun furnace.


You wilt from thirst,

       bent and beaten announcing

       you’re pending death.


Is there no will to live

       that would move you that short way

       from full the sun?


There I sat, air conditioner going full blast

       in the one chair that eases the pain in my back

       ice water in hand all to comfort me.


The pleasant glow from a 49er touchdown

       and above the crowd cheering comes you is your        silent but demanding scream for help.


Turning the TV volume up does not help

       nor did the sharp pain

       that came with movement.


Shut up, I am coming

       but is there anything louder than

       a silent scream from a geranium?


Out of my chair with care and pain

       careful not to fall again

       I grab walker with both hands.


Slowly holding onto he fence

       taking short and careful steps

       I pour cold water on your wilted leaves.


Slowly and with even more apprehensive

       care I wonder back to my easy chair

       for I dare not fall.


I have no silent scream

       nor wilted leaves

       cause I fell and can’t get up.


It does not seem to be just

       that a geranium can call for help with silence

       and I can’t get any with a rocking shout


Doug Minnis

September 9, 2013




True incident. Thought it was funny