Somewhere Between here and there


 Somewhere Between Here and There 

Old Jake over there is

         a perfect product?

One of the instant folks

         made on a Saturday night

         before quitting time.

Truly a Saturday Night Special.

Or perhaps the end product of a million 5

         years of development.

The last link in a development chain.

The long sought perfect prototype.

From here on humans are to be

         the Old Jake model?

Maybe it is time for a recall.

Old Jake has some major faults.

He is still easily convinced

         of evil in others and never in himself.

He is ambivalent as hero

          or coward.

Old Jake has never found

         the balance between

         greed and generosity.

Between love and hate.

Between reason and emotion.

Between strength and weakness.

Between poverty and wealth.

Between friend and foe.

Between appeasement and war.

Between superstition and reality.

Old Jake is conflict-stifled.

He runs around with tea bags

         and shouts obscenities.

If he is the last link

         in the evolutionary chain

         we are doomed.

Surely neither the Saturday Night Special

         nor the Jake Last Link models

         are where we should be going.

Hope and optimism are building blocks

         for a better world.

Rather than empty tries

         to repair and perfect Jake,

         why not wait for further evolution?


Doug Minnis

April 18, 2010




My friend George Yonge and I spend hours on he old question of the perfectibility of man. It is a wonderful concept,. History teaches that the same perimeters of man have been all too constant. Nice to imagine a future Utopia where we would be less greedy and mean. Do not hold your breath suggested