Rust Bucket


 Rust Bucket

 Not surprising        

         an antique farm machinery museum

         at an Aggie University. 

Where else would you

         find a home

         for rusty old plows? 

Tractor- like tanks

         from Flanders’ trenches;

         tracks still mud filled. 

Brought out once a year

         to ear- splitting roars

         to chew up city pavement. 

Lead the parade

          with great ceremony-

         then back to collect more rust. 

What stories they could tell

         if given voice

         and memory. 

Virgin fields turned to

         ripe, red tomatoes

         and fluttering barley. 

Years of useless waiting

          unused behind

         graying barns. 

I would like to talk to these rusty folks

         about the new models

          with air conditioning. 

An oddity to be brought out

         once a year and visited

         by not overly- interested school children. 

A daily realization of obsoleteness;

         and increasing rust

         a constant reminder of passing time. 

Brought out once a year

         to lead the parade

         of other rusty museum piece.
Doug Minnis

July 2012



The museum has been outdoors so the old pieces of farm machinery could ripen to a very deep brown, They were storied on the entrance of the campus airport and every time I had occasion to fly I would notice them and imagine what therey were like when new and in use. Ilike the poembut it ure needs editing.