Routine Medication Two


 Routine Medication

Spontaneous, creative, bold, decisive-

            my youthful

             and prided captions.

Hair combed in careful abandon

            ascot adjusted  to cavalier,           

            and a forward gaze;

            I painted myself  dashing.

Impulsive? of course.

Creative? of course.

Risk taking? of course.

The in- command strut,

            quick and purposeful,

            easily became natural.  

Red beard, Viking- like,

            a challenge accepted

            with youthful confidence.

Ambitious?  you bet,

            fame and fortune sought.

Then like a Colorado thunderstorm,

            quick to rise from nothing

            to become the scene stealer,

            over night the red beard

            became grey and

            the red ascot no longer a match.

The in-command strut,

             not suited for solemn stage walking,

            became the deliberate shuffle of dignity.

A downward gaze to censor feet

            that had forgotten to

            take care on each step.

I had reached the comfort zone

            of repeated behavior

            needing no prompting.

Same breakfast each day,

            full of berries and fiber,

            had a moving and predictable comfort.

Off to the gym

             to lift, shove and move

            now done unthinkingly.

The road is not a challenge

            and each day a routine

            followed like an unquestioned religion.

From here on

            the only concern is the faint possibility

            that I forget my routine medication.


Doug Minnis February 21, 2001

Addendum 1/14

Warmly wide awake

            in this bed with no pain

            why move ? 

TV news telling of terrible cold

            makes for additional warmth

            until diuretics demand . 

Home care givers coming soon

            makes for an agenda

            for beginning one more day. 

Careful in and out of the shower

            hold every surface

            grab every bar. 

Back drying task and dressing

            once so routine

            now  a help demand. 

Today gamely sit at the table

            and breakfast as if 

       my dear old mother was serving. 

Try reading the paper

            without a post breakfast nap

            to help pass the day. 

The best of the day

            a friend willing to listen to my

            oft repeated tales. 

Discreet gardner, cook and cleaner

            never reminding of my past

             youthful skills. 

Shopping day celebrated every week

            for many decades is now a challenge

            more to pride than empty cupboard. 

Shopping cart left just for me

            determines my parking space

            and provides my walker. 

Selection by ease of preparation,

            too late for nutrition health boost

            just make it easy to open. 

Yes, to need help out

            instead of the long used cliché of

            “maybe next year.” 

Carry one bag in the house,

            rest  and return for more

            try not to forget the rest of the bags. 

Mail of ads, requests for donations

            and  hearing aids provide rest

            enough for lunch fixing. 

Cookies, milk and nuts

            and off to napland with dreams

            of being at work  with long- dead colleagues. 

Left- over pizza with the forbidden red wine,

            a tangerine and the evening news

            cap a very busy day. 

Is it bed time?

            it is getting dark

            and I am very tired.













This is for fun for sure.The first part was written when I was younger and really did not know as much as I do 13 later so I added an addundum.