Residue                            Doug Minnis  8/9/2014 For Alex and Katy

Names exchanged,

         hands shaken, eyes met,


Numbers exchanged,

         flirting goodbyes

         unspoken hopes.

The fun of first date,        

         a cup of coffee and scones

         ordinary becomes beautiful occasion

So it comes to pass

         that out of that coffee cup

          came love and passion.

Then into the time tumbler,

         house, kids, vacations, car seats,

         soccer mom and pop,

         high school graduation and off to college.

Finally empty nest,

         retirement, graying hair

         and creeping old age.

Passion morphs into

         warm memories                           

         as libido and vitality slowly drift . 

From the handshake

         to sitting on the sunny patio

         the essence of love remains.

Companionship is the essence of love,

         of passion and

         the residue