Queen of the Great Annual Pomegranate Harvest


 Queen of the Great Annual Pomegranate Harvest 

Fall just before

         the witch and ghost time

         my pomegranates ripen.

Defining red

         and full of seeds,

         long a metaphor of fertility

         for Hebrews and Greeks.

For Solomon a reminder of youthful  breasts

         and luscious living.

For me an excuse

         for the Annual Fall Pomegranate Harvest.

Bumper crops seem right

         for a fertility symbol.

Mow the lawn

         to emerald green,

         perfect matting for the perfect red.

Release the hoard of pickers

         to rescue the burdened limbs.

Pile high the fruit

         to build the throne.

Choose the Queen of the

         Pomegranate Harvest

         from the children

         of the fruit.

Insure a smile for the

         sexy, happy fruit.

The Queen becomes immortalized

         in ten thousand photos.

Her reign begins with a feast

         she has no teeth to eat.

Each ripe fruit becomes

         a great healing nectar

         when given a suggestive squeeze.

The reward for a year of care

         a jar of clear Ruby

         for my toast.

In the winter a promise of another

         Annual Pomegranate Harvest

         and another Queen.

 Doug Minnis

January 2010



Alex's poem. This has become a great annual gathering