Poppy Talk


 Poppy Talk


         I think that it is mighty wise

                  for the poppy to have the

stiff upper lip smile

whatever the tune.


It blooms red in Flanders' Field        

          fed on the blood of the warriors

who may notice now what they did not then.


         Out of the rust of guns and helmets

 a swaying sea

                  the color of hope and life.


The flowers a token of balance

to answer the whispered why?


The gold from fields of Poppies

                  in the Dunningan Hills

celebrate the sunshine

and the wine grape

with a dance on the gentle breeze.


Is it the predetermined charge to the Poppies

to smile with full bloom,

                  never to judge life's other pace.


Perhaps in this crazy world there needs to be

a Poppy that smiles on schedule

for the optimism in life





Found in old file. Not sure it is not a duplicate