The Poor,


The Poor,


Our very culture is in great danger.

If we are to survive

         we must act quickly.

These days you can't walk

         the streets without seeing the poor

         the dangerous illegal immigrants.

Something must be done

         about protecting our boarders.

They are breaking holes in the fences        

          they climb over

         or go where there is no fence.

They are getting born

         despite our immigration laws.

Those who do get here are given

         sanction by those

         folks who live off the poor.

Now we must stop them at the borders!

Stop the poor!

No more of them.

What a paradise

         we would have again

         without the poor.

No more welfare, or food stamps

         no crowded hospital emergency rooms

          or classrooms,

Thrift shops would not be necessary

         as there would be no customers.

No beggars to make us feel guilty

         because we worked hard

         and had the right parents.

Each of us carefully planned

          and here legally.

But without the poor

         who could we look down upon?


Doug Minnis

May 23, 2010








tongue in cheek may not do it. There are those who cheer at the suggestions of getting rid of the poor. Poverty is a distribution problem and I see no new way to predict a change in the distribution system. Immigration is not the problem. Without immigrants we would still have poverty