One More Walk on Asilomar Beach


 One More Walk on Asilomar Beach


My new running shoes,

         now used for slow walking,

         leave a beautiful print in the beach sand.

But as fast as I leave my mark,

         the fussy housewife follows

         with a crashing scolding

        and scrubs out memories of my stroll.

Old friend, all the prints

         we left in our many walks here,

         have long returned to

         smoothed clean sand.

Our voices of old,

         so full of our attempted

         solemn wisdom,

         have long been silenced

         by crashing waves.

The sunrises we admired

         and the deer and seals

         we spotted have

         long since disappeared.

There is no record of our

         ever having been here.        

But that foaming Pacific

         can't roar loud enough to erase

         your voice in my head.

Nor can her fresh salt air

         cover the smell of your pipe.

I can still picture your face

         and lanky fisherman's body.

There are footprints in my head,

         scent memories in the nose

         and pictures behind my eyes.

Those are mine to hold

         against time and tide.

As long as I live we can walk

         the beach at Asilomar.

 Doug Minnis





Asilomar is a favorite place. For years I had work sessions at this state owned facility. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. I have jogged it with a number of my closest professional friends. Then I walked and now I drive it. The beauty is as always . Only I have changed