One More Time




One More Time 


Skinny, lumpy linemen in an awkward crouch

     grinding teeth, squinting eyes utter 

     terrible threats.

Bleeding knuckles are shown with pride.

Bleeding, scabbed noses

     are pushed close to the enemy

    in preparation for manly initiation. 

Smash, bang, groan and another play.

Limping from pain and trying to impress

     the battered warrior is greeted by

     a shout of: "One More Time."

No smile on Swede's face.

He means it.

So, one more time.

And one more and one more -

will it never stop?

Too old to cry, too scared to quit.

Give the coach one more time

     and then one more time again.

Hours spent in the trenches

     etched that order in the mind.

"One More Time" will become became part of you.

And when you want to quit,

      when you have been beaten,

      when there is no hope -

     you will still hear and

     give it one more time. 

Remember the blue eyes demanding

     that you produce

     even when you couldn't.

But with one more time

     you will!

Trying one more time when

     there is no hope will be

     your success formula.

A stubborn way of life given you.

Say thanks for

"One More Time."

June 1996 






Old Swede Palmquest was the typing and shorthand teacher at THS. He was also the assistant football coach responsible for linemen. He may have had some humor in hi,.but those he drove never sat it