Old Folks at Home


 Old Folks at Home 

There is much to be said

         about the great comforts of being home.

You can find light switches in the dark,

         make it to the bathroom in time,

         know where the dishes and utensils are,

         and when to feed the cat and water the yard.

There is great comfort in a bed

         slept in for many years,

         a newspaper that is there by six,

         and surrounding books and music.        

But an invitation for adventure

         hits like the warm glow of good scotch

         as soon as the phone is down.

But then as the vision of the future

         moves from dream to plan,

        and the competencies and accommodations list

        comes out from under the bed,

        will I be able to buy my tickets

        and order a boarding pass?

And how about getting to the airport

        and through security

        when I have to take my shoes off?

What do I do if there is no one to meet me?

Will there be a clerk

       who can tell me where to stand?

Can I be sure of an aisle seat

       so I can get to the john?

Can I walk down the aisle

       when the plane is moving?

The warming scotch-feeling 

       now burns in my belly.

The old-age doubts will fuel my concerns

       all the way to the adventure and back.

There will be days when

       the anticipation of failure

       will cause me to wish

       I could just stay home

       and be comfortable.

Some do sit in the cocoon of home-base.

Going is just too much risk.

But the challenge of competency and accommodation

         has to be met.

Trying is essential,

        for adventures make for learning;

        and learning is life-fuel.


Doug Minnis

March 22 ,2010

My email address is: dlminnis@comcast.net

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