Ode to my Missing Right Arm


Ode to My Missing Right Arm


Old arm you were always there.

       I paid you too little mind.

       You were there when I woke

       You brushed my teeth

You brought food to my hungry mouth

You helped my hand to write

You filled my sleeve and tied my shoe

You scratched my head when I was puzzled

You did my hugging and tugging

You did my saluting and waving

In the pool you were my strong stroke

On the field you threw and caught

You were a handy working part of me

When I woke up each morning you were there.



The sleeve now is empty

It hangs as it is pinned

Now you are not there when I wake.

I can still feel my fingers tingle

There is phantom pain in my wrist

I brush my teeth with my left hand and think of you

I eat left-handed and think of you

I type now and think of you

 I cannot write with my left hand

My hugs and tugs are awkward and I think of you

I wear sandals that are not tied

No longer swim, throw nor catch but I think of you

Throughout the day I remember how it used to be

A missing limb sure has       a way of being noticed

You are not there anymore

But you remind me a thousand times a day.


Doug Minnis 9/27/2016



This was written to be read at the memorial for my daughter Kevin who died on September 27,2016