The New Song


 The  New Song


Now, Minstrel, those two tunes

         are old and yet they run

         through my head to madness.

The first goes: "I have mine

         where is yours?

If you have not yours

         why not?

Lazy and won't work

         so you don't deserve.

No excuse for being poor.

Now the more I make

         the higher the tide

         and you too will rise.

You cost too much eating

         out of the public trough.

Safety net is just a hammock

         for a lazy bum.

But one more scheme or tax break

         and some will filter down to you!

 Remember, Greed is good for all of us."

The other song is: "I have mine

          so where is theirs?

They are the poor and hungry.

So where is theirs?

Remember they have children

         who go to bed hungry.

Their worth is inherent because

         they are human beings.

We must feed them

         and find them a place to sleep.

To make sure they are cared for

         we will help them prey

         before they eat.

And tomorrow we will

         appoint an adult

         to care for them as

         they fill out forms.

They need our help and

          we are their patrons.

Cost is not an issue.

We can do no less."

Minstrel your two songs;

         provide no choices

         except to be crushed by greed

         or to be drowned with prayer and paper.

Mankind needs above all else

         dignity and hope,

         and you sing of

         shame and despair to all.

The standoff between

         these two songs

         is a terrible and precarious

         balance for our planet.

Minstrel, a new song is needed.

These two are all too old

         and have never been pleasant music.

So sing a song across the land

         that quotes Spring

         and the promise of buds.

There is hope for all of us.

And sing of the stately and dignified tree

         that is each of us.

We can have such dignity.

And we can dance to the song

         of hope and worth.


Doug Minnis

February 2,2010





Oh boy! Caught between the Salvation Army and the TEa Party. I find myself giving contributions to religious organizations who feed the poor if they pray and money to defeat a Tea Party political by candidates I do not know in parts of the country where I never have been. A sane rational safety net should be something we all support.And a shorter poem would have neen better