New Home Searching


New Home Searching


The essence of me

         is thoroughly convinced the deterioration

         of current residence is beyond repair.


No evil is heard

         nor is evil seen

         and that is not all that does not work.


The flesh colored paint job

         Is blemished and flaky

         too damaged to repair.


The plumbing is broken

          either floods or clogs

          dependent on Mira lax and Lasix.


Legs have know each other so long

         they decided to move in together

         resulting in two edema struck left feet.


The old man smell has been identified

         but even frequent laundry

         does not erase the Macbeth illusion.


Internal bickering all the time

         Libido blames Virility for early retirement

         and super ego trying to quiet the shouting.


Before this old house of mine

         Is condemned, I think it time

         to complete the downsizing and move!


Ego demands the new residence

         provide possibility for fame

         and high profile.


Libido has a very loud request

         which surprises no one

         but gets a hush hush from the morals watcher.


We have searched and agree

         that we found the perfect host

         for new housing.


So if you wake to the mellow sax

         of Johnny Hodges and a hankering for a red zin

         say a loud hello to the new addition to you.


You are the lucky, lucky selected one!


Doug Minnis

September 29,2014




This is just one of those for fun things that ring in my head until I put them on paper. I threw out a number of other thoughts so may have another poem soon.