My Province


 My Province


This province has produced no Caesar

         nor Alexander the Great

         not even a Genghis Khan.

There are no captured banners

         flying in our halls

         nor captured heraldry.

Conquering heroes lust for new lands

         that they do not own

         to supplant what is not enough.

Home come those heroes with

         parades of conquered wealth

         and tales of bravery and victory.

They raise their voices and shout

         of their just vengeances and trophies

         saluted with fisted up raised arms.

Alas in my province we weep with

         joy at the beauty

         for the Golden Gate in our front fence.

The white-capped Sierras 

         of our back fence

         takes our breath

And from Horizon North

         and Horizon South

         a Farmer’s Market Capricorn.

No where else is there

         a world so fair

         so lead not a conquering force.

We all must stay home

         and dance

         for rain.


Doug Minnis March 9, 2014



Basically this is an apology for being so provincial. I go no place and enjoy that lack of travel and line standing, searching and crowded seats