My Family Proxy


 My Travel Proxy


Oh yes, I know of Paris and the Eiffel Tower

            I have read of them,

            but I never had to go.


The Pictures of the Taj Mahal

            crown of palaces I have seen,

            but I never had to go.


London and Big Ben

            are very old friends,

            but I never had to go.


The Great Wall in China

            is fresh picture in my mind,

            but I did not have to hike up it.


I can feel a gondola ride

            with a background of love songs

            but I never strayed from the shore.


The boat ride up the Rhine

            with big schooners of beer I can taste,

            but that was an Oktoberfest I missed.


I know Aruba and Soul Beach

            because of the water slide at the Hilton

            but I got no white sand between my toes.


I have a great picture of the water slide

            at the Divi Village Resort in Aruba

            but I did not have to get wet.


I know about Aids in Zimbabwe

            and the great dangers there,

            but I did not have to go.


The cosmopolitans are the brave souls

             who go so we provincials

            can have the comforts of the home front.


They packed their ditty bags

            and bravely trooped off

            so I could watch my flowers grow.


In the warm spring sun

            I give heart-felt thanks

            for the sacrifices made for me.


I think of them with gold star pride

            as I lie in my hammock reading

            Frommer’s book on Playa de Jaco.           


Dedicated to my traveling family Bob, Tunie, Mary Herman, Dorian, Magnus and the young traveling children.

Spring 2014





I have a family and friends who do the traveling for all of us who stay home. So the poem has a dedication. I wrote this as Dorian and family were in aruba getting the sun and trying some rum,