The Marathon to Eternirty




THE Marathon To Eternity


There in the distance

       the double gold lines disappears and end the  newly        

       blacked road under the canopy of redwood giants.


The October sun filter through

       the trees splashing the long narrow road

        with shimmering gold.


Around you are shivering thinly clad

       and numbered strangers

       destined soon to bond in painful exuberance.


Stretching, moving, clapping, waiting.

       looking down the tree hugged road

       to view the gate to eternity.


The long wait until the starting shout

       is filled with a thousand thoughts

       as if your mind is on the fast-forward.


GO! GO! And off toward

       the end of time and space

       where the sun, trees and shinny black road blend.


Heaven, an unanswered question asked by all,

        but eternity we know is a future that

       will soon become history.


What awaits you on the other

       side of eternity when you go

       through the end of time?


As you run and the pain

       gathers in your throat and legs

       write a soothing script.


As Boy Scouts gaily waving you on

       with a drink and pointing the way

       you think to the next mile.


Then the crash through

       the sight and sound barrier

       to find your  eternity.


Long walls of gold and green

       covered with collages of

       pumpkin patches, swimming pools and your children.


Each one a year older

       and smiles that grow,

       eyes that have happy talk. 


A long row of medals

       that scores your life, the biggest and shiniest

       gold for passing on love and happiness.


A bulletin board full of

       carnival stubs for

       unforgettable rides.  


A box filled with travel tickets

       making the future good deeds to be dome

       as cosmopolitan as possible .



A photo gallery of your friends,

       the kids friends all eating

       rainbow colored cupcakes.


A table stacked high with apples,

       Pomegranates and frozen yogurt

       there for the picking


Closets full of clothes

       just right for every occasion

       and a chance to choose.


For the road to eternity on the other side

       on the gate will be like the same

       pleasant path you are on.


You run to your future but

       the other side of the barrier

       can be no improvement from this side


       Doug Minnis

       Oct 23,2013

Word Count 368









Written after Dorian ran her third Marathon this year. Directly inspired by the picture of the road leading into the Redwoo forest/