The Magic Rabbit







The Magic Rabbit


Hey, Midnight Black hop and skip

        I don't remember ordering you up.

       Where did you come from?

I can court without your help.

       as I look up from my love nest

       of cedar boughs and wipe

       salty passion tracks from my brow

       the last thing I want to see is a

      Black Bunny.

In a romantic stupor I may have

      asked for lambs or llamas.

      But I got you with

      your gentle fearless look

      from voyeur eyes.

If what you see causes you a blush

      it will be lost as in your soft, black nose.

And why do you flap your ears

      when we whisper

      from our hearts?

You sit there spying

       with great erect ears

       that pick up our soft words.

Now if I hear them again

      in your Spring Rite

       I shall know plagiarism was your aim

       and I am flattered.

But you have made your point

      so get on your pogo stick

      and be on your way.

You are getting attention

       and affection meant for me.

Who ever heard of losing out to a

      Black Bunny?

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My daughter suggests that I wroye this under the influence of my pain pills.That is an OK cover story.