This Little Piggy


 This little piggy

(For Alex and Dean)


My name is “HOPE”

         and maybe it should have been “LUCKY”

         but let me tell you my story.


You have to know that

         I am a very old pig and have  been

         around for longer than most pigs. 

I  kept my girlish figure

          my skin is a blushing pink

         and smooth as silk. 

When  seven

         I was nearly full

         when evil men took me as plunder. 

I was taken to a mountain top

         where I could hear the wind blow

          and watch the hawks circle. 

I was stripped of my belly fat,

          no longer fed and

         forced to stay on a bench for 16 years. 

My mission in life

         is to help send kids to college and

         for 16 years I did nothing so

         I have lots of catching up to do. 

Recently with less daring than Navy Seals

         I was rescued just as successfully

         as if it was by the  Special Forces. 

Dusted, washed and

        fed every kind of coin        

       and sent back into action

         with a healthy rattle. 

Today I am in the hands of

         two friendly children who see

         me as a pink symbol for a bright future. 

So when you are told to

         “Feed the Piggy”, remember

         that I am a key part of a 529 fund


Doug Minnis July 14,2011




This was written to Alex and Dean to remind them of the history of the pig II gave them. Problem is I never have change anymore. When they are coming I go buy coins to fill the feeder pig I go when I gave them the old pig. It was taken by the moving men when Bea moved to San Diego. When she died that was one thing I wanted back. You can tell by the date that they had just emptied the feeder pig on the 4th