Life Lines


 Life Lines


Somewhere between time and place

         where tears of parting

         are dried by the joys of arriving

         lies the magic line

A Christian in a Buddhist land

         a Buddhist in a Christian land.

A student a teacher,        

          a teacher a student.

Hate defines love

         and good makes evil clear.

Rich highlights poor,

          poverty shines a light on gluttony,

Zero and one

         are off and on a computer.

Black on white,

         white on black,

         two more opposites.

Bifurcation draws a line in the sand

         which is the marker for the changes

         that defines us.        

We charge through life

         and cross the line often

         as growth makes us awkward.

Always forward

         and always wavering across the line

         as progress is defined by matched pairs.

The benevolent face worn yesterday

         may be the frown of greed

          the next.

For we all seek the beauty of balance

         made so difficult by

         line- crossing vacillations. 

Seek the learned one

         for old knowledge

         of finding balance.

The impossibly difficult

         so easily described

         few can accomplish.

Like spring-cleaning

         clear goal

         for the Augean Stable

Chant your mantra,

         listen only to the soft babble

         of the crystal brook.

Let it clear all else from your head

         so the empty house can welcome

         the you of your balanced image.

Each time you cross the magic line

         that image will

         guide you to the line of your home.





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