Life in The Bike Lane



Life in the Bike Lane


Shakespeare had mankind walking from stage left

         in a life-defining play.

The stage in my town has bike lanes

         where mankind moves through life on wheels,

         from trike to bike to trike again.        

Safe in the cul- de- sac,

         toddlers on their first trike

         scoot along.

Attentive parents thrill

          as the relationship

          of peddling forward is learned.

In the next scene, the tyke leaves the trike

         to become a passenger in a two-wheel trailer,

         not unlike the travois of the Native Americans.

The one-parent power-pulling bike

         leaves no signs of strain on the passenger's face.

Power by mommy- flextime and daddy-duty;

         safe, warm and going defines a child's biking.

A year peddling from the back seat of a bike-for-two,

          then the two-wheeler

         with training wheels.

A push to start and a moment of panic,

         left- training wheel off the ground,        

         right- training wheel off the ground.

Then with growing size and momentum,

          all is well

         longer legs and bigger bikes.

Finally out of the cul-de-sac and

         into the bike lanes.

Ten-speeds with crazy handle bars

         off to school, backpack over-loaded.

Learn of bike locks and theft.

Learn of paper routes.

Teenagers riding bikes but wanting a car,

College students idealistic green

         off to campus to model

         for freshmen how to ride

         in safety on campus.

Finally in suit and tie with briefcase

         on the backrack,

         the young professor is on his way.

Campus culture calls for two-wheeler,

         rain or shine.

Balance slips and so does the older rider,

         skinned knees and broken glasses.

The daily- rain- or shine trip

         no longer needed,

         but the exercise is lost.

Back to the trike.

No balance problem and

         the basket holds bags of groceries.

Whether the world is a stage or a bike lane,

         actors move through time.





This is natural in Davis. I wrote this long ago and it is more true today than 6 years ago