The Library Of My Mind


 The Library Of My Mind


There is no donation jar

         at the door of my mind library

         where file after file of my life is storied.

It is free to me  and others can't walk

         the halls of my private gallery

         this is the stacks of my lived years .

Private viewings in quietude

         set to the background

         of a good jazz piano.

There in my leisure

         I can view my young parents

         gone so long ago.

I can walk along the stream

         where I caught my first trout

         and see the pilot’s helmet on my 12-year-old head.

The Spanish Peaks offer a color of white

         so pure and clean

         a perfect background for sunrise colors.

Fisher’s Peak changes clothes each day

         as she easily declares her gender

         in a most inviting manner.

The yellow roses in late May

         so tough they grew when dug up and tossed

         over the fence to get rid of the bees.

Those stairs up the hill to the high school

         127 steps and  five landings for those

         who lived on the wrong side of the track.

Climbed them for four years

         up to the middle class level too dumb

         to see the ironic metaphor. 

Principal Mertz in Saint Peter prissy garb

         allowing entrance to his version of heaven

         with a certificate from Rice Jr. High School

I control the access to this full stack

         of memories with a mental index

         and call up the memory for the day.

Dates, football games and tender moments,

         pets and cars and reading in front of the old radio

         all this and more from my mental library.

The file labeled DO NOT OPEN  is where

         I keep memories of failure, and embarrassment 

         and wrapped in warming wool chilled moments.

Never bored with this treasure pleasant library        

         to substitute for words escaping failing eyes

         and inane TV programs.

If I but had a log and an audience sitting on that log

         I would bring out the best of  files

         and enjoy together.


June 23, 2013






While leaning out computer files I found just started poem of just a few lines. It as impossible to remember what I had in mind so I used the few lines to start some thing anew. I will always wonder what the few lines would have become.