Yes, it was very hot last summer

                  but it is just weather,

                  not climate change.

         Yes, I have heard that the polar ice is melting

                  but it is just weather,

                  not climate change.

         Yes, reports of polar bears dying

                just some disease,

                but not climate change.

         Yes, some islands in the Pacific

                  are sinking underwater,

                  but not due to climate change.

         Yes, oceans are getting warmer every year

                  and we do have El Ninos

                  but not because of climate change.

         Yes, scientists say the planet

                   is heating up,

                  but it is not climate change.

         The very idea that all this

                  is from stuff in the air is nonsense,

                  but it is not climate change.

         Greenhouse gases blocking the sun

                  and coming from my clean coal.

                  so clearly it is not I.

         Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere

                  and coming from my smog free diesel trucks

                  clearly it is not I.        

         I have some news for you

                  as you spread these rumors,

                  we must not stop drilling an digging.

         Pinhead liberals are clearly

                  making up this climate change lie

                  as part of their One World Agenda.

         I will draw you a chart

                  so you can see the plot

                  as clearly as I can.

         First start here with

                  our national debt caused

                 by illegal immigrants and gays.

         Next look at these

                  bankrupt state and local governments 

                   caused by public employees pensions.

         My old Hummer goes down the freeway

                  and all around me I see are

                  jealous folks staring at me.

         I drive the vehicle of the free American

                  speaking loudly against

                  One World Agenda.

         So, beware of the agenda

                  because it is weather and

                  clearly not climate change.


Doug Minnis

March 15,2011        




The denial of climate change by those who are motivated by money and not having change to a green America really got to me. The final straw was the jokers on the far right hinted that the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan were God's punishment of evil folks,