Just The Two Of Us


  Just The Two Of Us


Not sure just when I decided to double down

         but when I did it was such a rewarding relief

        I only wish I had done it years before.


 I started to study Schizophrenia

         about the time my brother brought me

         all those authentic African masks.


Sitting there next to the fire's glow

         the masks grew twinkling eyes

         and I could just make out Kilimanjaro.


The fine red wine and companions on the wall

         gave me a sense of great comfort for

         my fantasy journey to the Serengeti.


When the travel log arrived with Mary's

         photos of life on the coral reefs of the South Pacific

         I could feel the warmth of the sun, sand and sea.


As I basked in the sun beside my pool

         I remembered that my former graduate student

         gave up a research career  to travel.


I sat at my computer with  Jazz music providing a typing rhythm        

         when I got the e-mail from my granddaughter that she, husband

         and kids were off to their time-share in the Bahamas.


Quickly I searched for my passport

         which has expired unused

         and unrenewed again.


So there I sat green with envy

         jealous as a jilted suitor

         much too secure  in home comfort.


It is clear from my college textbook

         that I am schizophrenic

         and that there are two of me.


So out came  the gem-cutting textbook

         and on page 711 it tells how

         to split a diamond.


What good fortune, perfect split the first time

         and now there are two  of me

         as if cloned.


The provincial me stays home in the warm, cozy nest

         the cosmopolitan me leaves that nest

         and goes and goes with Maria the Wind.


Doug Minnis 11/4/13

291 words



This poem is thanks to adrienne who took a beautiful trip and sent the old chair bound a setof pictures. Not the first by any means