Job Opening




The fine filigree and delicate design

         of the white frozen image on

         my windowpane;

The spectacular sunsets

         with so many shades of

         red, orange and coral;

The clouds of many sizes,

         colors and reminding shapes;

The aspens and Chinese elms

         each fall;

Snowflakes tailor-made

         all this and more tell me

         that Our Good Mother Nature

         is a talented and dedicated artist.

But she is getting frivolous

          and side-tracked.

She neglects her major responsibility.

As evidence I enclose her

         rendition of toothpaste glaciers.

It could be that she is just angry

         about Global Warming.

However, she is boss of the whole world

         and has some major responsibilities

         for keeping hurricanes calm

         and volcanoes cool

         and deserts watered.

Instead she is off doing this artist thing.

Her traditional art makes our world more beautiful,

         but toothpaste icebergs are just too much.

Let us fire her and hire an engineer or handyman

       that will be less interested in art

         and more in fixing up the world.

Maybe we can then hire Mother Nature

         as our decorator.


Doug Minnis

January 4, 2010







Like this idea. It came to me after a frosty morning as the date indicates