The Invisible Man


 The Invisible Man


Come on out

         I know you are in there

         even if not seen.


You are not someone created by

         H.G; Well or Ralph Ellison

         and made invisible.


Smoke comes out your chimney,

         the mail is delivered and

         there are no papers in your driveway.


You are not seen gardening

         but your daffodils bloom

         without showing your gentle hand.


There are no cars parked

          in front of your house

         that sign of swimming guests.


No laughter and shouts of glee

         pour out from the patio

         once noisily friend crowded


Is it that you are there for all to see

         but you are covered by the cape

         of old age?


Could that cape be a curtain

         which hides a certain future

         none of us want to face?


Do you ever peek out of the curtain

         to see the audience

         of your friends and family?


Doug Minnis January 29,2013


This waas written when the fog was here and I stayed in the house most of the time. I did wonder if people noticed I was not out and about. Living alone does make one aware of what a small part of everyones day you are,. How long before a fallen me might have to wait to be rescued.