Interest Bearing Results


 Interest-Bearing Regrets


So many reminders today

         and every day.

A history book, a picture

         or conversation with a friend.

Noting all those opportunities missed

       and not another chance.

Looking as old and wise 

         as a biblical prophet,

          there sat my grandpa.

His throne was a canvas-bottom lawn chair.

He read Gone With The Wind

         as I mowed his lawn.

Right to left

         and then up and down.

To earn the quarter,

       the cutting had to be his kind of perfect.

As soon as I was finished,

         I was off on my bike

         to the Shell station on Main street

         to take a cold Delaware Punch

                out of the ice chest.

A nickel well-earned

                and well-spent.

A wonderful storyteller was left,

       sitting on that canvas chair.

He had finished checking the accuracy

         of Gone With The Wind.

The characters were not unlike

         the folks he knew

         who saw Atlanta burned.

And so many other stories untold.

Coming from Illinois

       in a covered wagon.

Taking a detour of 800 miles

         to hunt buffalo.

Seeing Mother Jones during the

         Ludlow mine wars.

A Delaware Punch

       instead of a story for the ages.

Regrets sometimes grow as they age.

This one has.

Now my stories are more boring

      than dance lessons,

      jobs or journeys to other lands.

All better reasons

         to miss story time

       than a Delaware Punch.

Perhaps there will be no regrets

         as my computer will store

        all the stories I have and more.

When old enough to regret,

         no reason to.

Just turn, or tune in,

         and there will be a tale of me.

Doug Minnis
















I think of this often. It is not my loss alone. I hear it from people often. I was much more careful about listening to my father. I also have his letters and several tapes. My brother Jack also has good family records