Hey ,I Want That Back

 Hey I Want That Back


 Take the shirt off my back

      and you may have my heart,

      mi casa es su casa 

Whatever I have is yours

      not as generosity,

      it just is that way with us. 

But, when I lend you a book

      it is not a gift

      and I expect its return. 

Do you not find that strange

      some fetish of selfishness,

      or virulent bibliomania? 

But a book is special

      not because it is leather bound

      nor with a  gold embossed title. 

A book that few have read

      is as special as the

      winner of the Pulitzer prize.

Books have a soul put there by

       a person crying out

       to share a human experience. 

Such a plea can be honored

       with a loan to others

       that celebrates a voice. 

The loan of a book

      is so we can share

      a common  human experience. 

This command invitation to share

       comes with a notice that

       the book has a home. 

All I have is yours for the asking

      but I have no right to give you a book

      without the book’s permission. 

Bring it back and we

      shall share the voice from

      its pages. 

Doug Minnis