Haunting Mantra


 Haunting Mantra 

I awake to “I want” shouting 

in my  mind ,

nothing other than “I want”.


The question of why

and the guilt of greed hit hard 

for I have no needs.


I have never had hunger

and escape cold with

the warmth of hearth and coat.


Pain is not a frequent guest

nor is there a lack of friends

or too many enemies.


If I have so much and need nothing

then why the mantra

with the astonishing request?


If my photo was posted 

on the bulletin board  waiting captioning

I would with modesty write “generous and caring.”


Greed and wishing for things

just did not fit my caption

so  I looked  for an answer.





 “I want” is out side of me

in the world 

where there are many wants.


Perhaps that which I seek

I wish to share with others

what I have always had.


I want, I dearly want

for life to be as good for all

as it has been and is  for me.


Doug Minnis 

June 17, 2014








true situation. Not as well explained as it could be, but it is close