Hat Man Two


 Hat Man Two

 Top hat, hardhat, black hat, white hat

         and campaign hat, I have them all

         because I am Hat Man Two.

Old saying is that the hat makes the man.

Not so, man makes the hat.

And the Australian campaign rig

         I have on would just be

         green cloth if not worn

         with the old Maine swagger.

Keep it under your hat.

Wear two hats.

In top hat and tails

         and everywhere hats are tops.

My collection does not yet match Hat Man One

         but Alden Medina is an old man.

I am trying for additions to my collection

       so I can match

       and surpass his collection.

First I need a black cock hat just like

         Old Andy, the other Jackson,

          wore at New Orleans.

Then a coonskin like Davy,

         who could have

         come from the Maine Woods.

And for balance a big black and silver,

         somber in the Poncho Villa style.

Then a British desert pit helmet

         so I can visit India in style

         and fan myself and say:

     "God it is hot."

But most of all I want a traditional

         red turban and Muslim cap from Nepal.

These are two that Hat Man One does not have

         and it is most appropriate that

         the Hat Man Two must have these hats!


Doug Minnis

July 18, 2010



Alden and Jackson both wear the title