The Ghostly Music in the Wind


 The Ghostly Music in the Wind


Driving up the overpass The CD player

        cheered with Louie Playing

       When the Saints Come Marching In .


The decline on the other side

       provided a restful rendition of

       Glen Miller with Sleepy Lagoon.


It was if I were being photographed

       for a movie and the music

       part of a sound track was ringing in my ears.


Daytime nightmare for decades

       of a terrible deadly auto crash where I exit life

       with the radio still playing jazz.


Now the music is here, loud and as clear

       as if those long gone musicians

       were right in the back seat.


But the band stands at Elich’s garden

       are empty of Les Brown

       and his Band Of Renown.


There is no swing and sway

       with Sammy Kay at

       at Lakeside.


The grips and sound recorders

       are not there

       nor the airmen from Lowry Air force base.


Gone are the few white- capped sailors

       who proved that the navy could

       jitterbug better than the blue yonder boys.


The jukeboxes no longer

       have the Hit Parade choices

       for a nickel a play.


The old 78s too scratched

        to be more than skeet targets

       for unappreciative kids.


All  this filed away in the dead files

       of the historical past

       under the heading of fond memories.


All long gone and near forgotten

       yet Les and Sammy play on

       as ghosts in the wind


Doug Minnis

April 2014






Actually hit me that recordings from the 40s would be here long after we are all gone. The irony of it is that without any belief in after life recordings are not included