On The Fun Of Learning


 On The Fun of Learning


As I recall it has always been with me.

There must have been

         a first time.

I can remember my first teacher,

         first beer, first kiss, first bicycle

          and yes that first too.

I remember the first car I got;

         a 1936 Pontiac 8 in line

         with 16 inch wheels someone

         had added just

         before tire rationing.

I even remember my first job at five;

         herding Mr. Hinzes' two milk cows.

I remember my first day in the Marine Corps

         mopping tile barrack floors with

         a head cold from exposure.

But to save me I cannot remember

         the rush of adrenaline

         and high of dopamine

         from the first time

         I learned something.

Felt great, soon addicted

         learn, learn

         for an energetic high.

The came Bibliomania,

         the paraphernalia

         of the completely hooked.

Marching to my baccalaureate.

         my cap seemed much too small.

For then I knew it all

         and the head was full.

Reality in that other world

         created a new capacity

         and there was more to learn.

Learn ,learn

         enjoy more and more.

Passing years at light speed

         and one day        

         it came to pass.

The emptying was faster

         than the filling.

The balance had been tipped.

I forgot more each day

         than I learned.

So comes the recycling.

Downsizing of the memory banks

         allows more room

         each day for more learning.

Thank goodness for the joy

         of the rush

         and the high.

For now each day

         is a major learning day.

Lists and reminders,        

         routines and familiarity,

         searches and patience.

Questioning friends

         who are also downsizing.

Spend the day trying

         to remember my mother's maiden name.

But, oh, the rush and high

         when it pops up out of the corner

          where it has been hiding.

For those of us who love to learn,

         the forgetting future sure is bright.


Doug Minnis

March 27,2009







Again I think I could have written less and said more