Forever Wating forever




Look at my watch

         listen carefully and look down the track

         train is late even when it is on time.

Wait, wait and wait


Told when let out

         be back by 6:00

         now 6:15

Wait, wait and wait


Pace the hall and count the tile

         guess boy or girl

         listen for the Dr.

Wait, wait and wait


Slow checker today

         folks piling up in line

         lady forgot to get milk.

Wait, wait and wait.


Reported the check was in the mail last month

         that snail stopped for a vacation,

         but it will get here by and by

Wait, Wait and Wait


The play starts in 15 minutes

         unsure of what shoes to wear

         just bring them and put them on in the car.

Wait, Wait and wait


Ten degree and snowing

         Columbian school still locked

         So at seven just shiver and hope.

Wait, Wait, Wait



I was 15 for 20 years

         driver’s license at 16

         ready all that time.

Wait, Wait and Wait


 Turned 50 and started to figure

         how many years until retirement

         and what would my pension be?

Wait, Wait and Wait.


A long lifetime in life waiting

         sort of get used to it

         even though I am an early or on time guy.

Wait, Wait and Wait.


Now Spring at last

         trees leaving out and blossoming

         but no red buds on the pomegranate tree


Now I am impatient

         Bloom darn you

         Show we will have fruit.

Wait, wait no longer


No buds, no fruit

         No fruit no Annual Pomegranate Harvest

         No great grandchildren picking.

         Hurry and bloom. I am tired of waiting

Hurry, Hurry, and Hurry


Doug Minnis 3/15        



Alex, Queen of the Annual Pomegranate Harvest. No fruit last year and no buds this year .Hope it decides to bloom and bear fruit so I get a visit.