Fleeing in a Flea Filled World


 Fleeing in a Flea Filled World

I have callers in the night

         they remind me of WW I

         trench warfare where being lousy was natural.


The crawl is much worse than the bite

         can’t scratch a crawl

         just feel like the Warsaw survivors.


Old Raton, the coyote,

         bring the illegal pests in

         and scratches them off all over the house.

They are in the air

         in my chair

         even in my hair.


The drought and warm weather

         are super romantic to fleas

         hence a population explosion.


Food is scarce and romance was most productive

         time for a major immigration

         invited or not.


Raton rolls on the flea nest chasing that imaginary leaf

         and fleas pile on

         like the immigrant train from Honduras.


I believe in live and let live

         but that flea collar

         I got on Raton best work.

The trenches of WWI

         and pictures of unwashed cowboys

         hits me in the crawled night.

Doug Minnis 3/15 


Jusr fooling around. Got a flea coller and no more fleas for a day or so. Raton and vanessa when both were much younger,