Fifty Years Without a Name


Fifty Years Without a Name

That swimming pool in the back yard

      is fifty years old and to this day has no name.

clearly it is not Hiawatha’s Shining Water

     nor is it Bryon’s Darkling Pool .


But for services beyond any expectation

it deserves a name, perhaps Learning Pool in honor of

all the kids who learned to swim there

(although my kids numbers seem very high.)


Perhaps Freedom Pool in honor of those Southern refugees

         signed out of public pools

         who were welcomed here.


Maybe the roaring evenings after graduation

         with shouts and jumps off the roof

         suggests Celebration Pond.


Or the many life long friendships

         started in the wading pool

         nominates the name Wet Bar.


Shouts of Joy leave the pool panting

         With energetic ripples which give way

         To peaceful painted ship stillness


Now the happy screams of splashing delight

         are gone and the pool is my hydrotherapy

         so it could be given the title of Healing Pool. 

The pool had a life all its own -

         there were the splashing joyous years-

         now are the days where the laps on the side are gentle.


For an old man the water in the pool

         reflects the changes from active to

         quietly smoothing and still.


Maybe we should name it the Metaphor Pool

         for its show of the shifting

tides of human existence.


                   But 50 is not really that old for a swimming pool

                            so when I am not watching too closely

                            she and her playmate, the sun, play games.


                   A small leaf on the surface casts a shadow

                            of a monster on the bottom of the pool

                            ready to shark scare a little one.              


From the first sun to hit the pool

         they play at snowflake and diamond

         reflections on the pool bottom.


The many shades of gold move across the pool bottom

         constantly changing in Kaleidoscope fashion

         as a reminder of a depth of life even for a pool.

So a name is needed to cover all

         and more faces not unmasked.

         I nominate: THIS OLD POOL.


But wait maybe the need for a name changes

         with each evolving function

of which there have been so many.


Perhaps it best if we have an ever changing name

         to fit the current pool function

         and if we do it that way.


We now could call it hydrotherapy

         and dream maker for a pool by

         another name is still just what you need it to be.


Doug Minnis




Just for fun and to remind me of 50 years of friendship with a pond of water