On Downsizing Library


 On Downsizing a Library 

Some experts claim Bibliomania is a

         socially transmitted disease.

They cite epidemiology evidence that

         outbreaks occur close to university campuses.

Also in the competitive game

         of "have you read"?

Immunity from this plague seems

         to be guaranteed

         by safe houses protecting the Greeks.

However, my brother Jack and I

         would vote for genetics.

As evidence we cite the

         scalp tearing dive baby brother Bob

         took into the glass doors

         of the family bookcase.

With us this terrible affliction seems to start with collections

          of big little books, comics and the adventures

         of Bill Bolton and Zane Gray.

Besides owning a book gave us

         full command and ownership

         of the knowledge therein.

Our first major epidemic came about

         in the '48 sell off in Colorado Springs.

The Camp Carson library was closed and

         all the many fine books donated

         by the heirs of illiterate silver barons

         whose architects used leather-bound books

         as interior decoration.

Never opened nor pages cut.

Unread by busy troops,

         the volume went to Goodwill.

The staff priced the volumes

         the best they could

         by the pound.

Slim books of poetry were a nickel and

         big histories went  for as much as a dime.

Many boxes in the trunk made

         for a satisfying drive home.

Those boxes kept increasing

         With the speed of rabbit reproduction.

Each of many moves was marked

         by more boxes.

Cement blocks and planks were

         replaced by fiber board book cases

         and finally shelved walls of books.

Book clubs and garage sales

         helped the collection grow and grow

         and grow.

Busy, busy and no time to read much.

The unread increased as fast

         as new books are added.

Retirement beckoned with a book mark

         and a well lighted easy chair.

Arrival, however, signaled getting things in order.

Choose an executor and set up your trust.

Collect letters and pay off debts.

Wonder what will happen

         to the library with death.

Library has to be downsized so

         no one will have to sort through

         the musty volumes.

One box for Goodwill,

         one for each kid.

Three hours and no books in any box.

Many bo0oks considered and

         astonishment at contents.

Why has this book gone unread?

Downsizing is nothing more

         than a reading circle for

         all the keepers. 

Doug Minnis














Well a poem to long tells too much. I hope I have time to edit this a bit more