That Door





Oops! No, no not that door

Just stay away from it.

Whatever you do, do not open it!

Paint it bright red for danger.

Put a wet paint sign on it.

Stay away from it

         do not even think of going there.

Get your curios mind off of it.

Get busy on a rewarding task.

         have a snack, drink a beer,

Think of something else.

Take a walk

         or nap the afternoon away

         write a letter to an old friend

         but do not let your curiosity miss a danger



But do not wonder about

          what is behind that door.

I can tell you that

         behind that door are

         your private horrors.

For behind that door is the dark Room of Doom.

Think a minute of all the dumb mean things

          you have done in your life.

In the Doom Room there is a video booth showing

          each of these numerous things

         to again humiliate your stupidity.

The videos play over and over

         To be sure nothing is left out.


The wall is lined with shelf after shelf of heads

         of people you have hurt and betrayed.

A green capped clerk works on the books

         of your foolish spending

          and wasteful ways.

There is the truth plaza

         where each who has known you

         announces loudly what they really think of you.


Stay away from the door of the doom room

         people do not return from there

         with a smile on their face,

Nor does the smile return with dawn

         or a stiff drink.

The Doom Room is your own private hell

         and it  can make a believer of

         haunting memories in no time at all

Doug Minnis

February 17.2014





When I get a case of the blues I am able to talk myself ut of it by doing some of the things here. I must say the biggest help is my computer with whom I dance the dance of tensions so strong that i cannot be depressed because I am so mad