The Crossing



The Crossing


         Sometime about midnight

                  on the dark and stilly night of August 16, 2013

                  you crossed the line.        

         When you went to sleep in your new big bed

                  you were in your terrible twos

                  when you woke you were in the terrific threes.        

         Now as great as the new bed is

                  it is not magic, you were changes by

                  the clock/calendar gang. 

         The way the gang works is to make

                  the year go very fast for me

                  and very slow for you. 

         So let me remind you of

                  a very few things that happened 

                  to you in your year two. 

         First let me remind you that you

                  went through the year not a cranky two year old,

                  but as a grinning, warm, snuggly teddy bear.       

         You sure dressed like you had the same

                  Hollywood dresser as Frank Sinatra

                  had in Guys and Dolls.  

         Instead you had your sharp-eyed mother

                  who knows how to dress you and still let you know

                 you will out grow that perfect outfit. 

         You have a collection of shirts

                  that is hard to beat and best of all

                   is the one you wore for the 4th.of July 

         A collage of pictures of your shirts

                  will make a colorful

                  forever reminder of your mother’ taste.  

         You were always properly dressed

                  for your many life adventures

                  and for a two year old you sure had many. 

          You were most stylish as you sought out

                 water slides, pumpkin patches or sandy beaches

                  or put pomegranates in the bucket. 

         But most of all you are a water creature who

                  never met a water slide you did not love

                  and use as many time as you could climb the ladder.        

         Then there is the boat uniform

                  that is just right

                   for a wake boarder and boatman. 

         You can learn to swim this year

                  as you love the water and

                  have no fear of it. 

         You have the genes and love of water

                  your parents have, so no surprise

                  if you become a water polo star. 

         Time to make an agenda for year three

                  when you will gain some muscle pounds

                  and grow taller than your sister. 

         The nice future you face is that

                  your mother’s blog has you captured so you can relive                                                each year of your life any time you want. 

         So keep your grin and ability

                  to be photogenic because

                  you are on candid camera.


August 13,2013

This is Dean's birthday poem. He is just turning three. He is one of the happiest kids I have ever known and why not. His life has been a bed of roses so far. And to prove it he has just gottn a big bed!