Come Dance With Me


 Come Dance With Me


Hey there, why the long face

and frown?

Why so sad? 

Recession and unemployment?

Foreclosure and Market down?

Afghanistan and Iraq?

Annoying loud Tea Baggers shouting anger?

BP lubricating the gentle waves of the Gulf?

Of course, it looks and sounds bad, but

you just have to stop being sad.

It is bad for your health to fret so.

So come dance with me

and I will make you smile.

First dress the part of happy faces.

Lavender for a bit of devilish spice,

purple to feel royal.

Comfortable purple shoes so you can

start feeling joy from the bottom of your feet.

The music is all around you

birds, cars wind and tooting trains. 

The first step I will teach you

is the Roll with It Cheer Up Waltz. 

Two steps forward and never step back

then twist to the left.

raise your right hand 

And shout ”Saluda!”

The dance is so silly

it makes you laugh.

It is hard to laugh with a sad face

so we have cheered you up 

at Alex's Smiling Dance Studio.

Then time to rest from the

Roll With It, Cheer Up Waltz.

Those who make us angry

would have done us in long ago

if we had not learned this dance 

that makes us laugh. 


Doug Minnis July 14, 2010



written for Alex Momsen