Colleagus in Time


 Colleagues in Time


We left; you arrived

         I waved goodbye as you said hello

         yet we are colleagues in time.


We know you by the tracks

         you are leaving in the academic sand,

         you know us by initials carved in the old oak desk.


The stream of eager students

         that flow by you is from

         the same spring as the stream of my time.


When we came we were orphans,

          our name changed sending us

         from foster home to foster home.


    We were

         the Department of Agriculture Education

         and knew only how to grow children.


 Then in loud denial we became

         the Department of Non- Vocational Education

         and the name told what we were not.


The new name got us

          a department chair

          who was Chemistry professor.


Kindness and scientific expertness

         not enough to understand

         what it was we did.


Then a Psychologist professor

         and a friend from a related field

         who said go forth and do your thing.


And we did with go forth

         and put teachers in the classrooms

         and successfully rode the rough budget waves.


And from these seeds grew

         what you are today our

         colleagues in time.


Doug Minnis 1 /10/14







As time passes thethings you did and were your life float away and the river does not remember. Each month I get a nice little book/journal from teh School of Education and it is hard to believe thatI waas ever there.