The Chief Reincorator



The Chief Reincarnator 

It was clearly not deserved,

         must have been a mistake,

         for I am so very good at my task. 

I start each day resolved

         to do even better

         than yesterday. 

I receive incoming spirits

         record, reflect, refurbish, renovate,

         refine and recycle. 

I more than meet

         the recommended  revamps

         and retrofit expectations. 

So why the official written reprimand

         given with lack of respect

         for my whole human restoration ritual. 

So why is a bit of humor

         frowned upon

         in this somber place. 

I though funny to send Adolph

         back as a Jewish

         orphan living in Palestine. 

And what more fitting and humorous

         for John D. Rockerfellow to live

         his next life as a Ludlow coal miner?        

Had I stopped there

         I might have escaped reprimand

         for revenge is not unknown here. 

But I stepped over the line when

       the Republican Log Cabin chair

         was to return as nominee for the presidency.

Clearly that was not humor,

         Instead it was pure politics,

         and that is always forbidden. 

But the last straw

         was sending Sister Theresa

         back as Pope.        


Doug Minnis

May 6,2012





Boy did I ever have fun writing this. For a week I had the fun of thinking of possible reincarnations. It could be a fun parlor game.